EmblemHealth (GHI) NCQA Accreditation

NCQA Health PlanAs a member and/or employer group, you want a health plan with quality and service you can count on.

“NCQA Health Plan Accreditation is a voluntary review process, a nationally recognized evaluation that purchasers, regulators and consumers can use to assess health plans. NCQA Health Plan Accreditation evaluates how well a health plan manages all parts of its delivery system, physicians, hospitals and other providers and administrative services – in order to continuously improve the quality of care and services provided to its members.” Learn more.

EmblemHealth’s GHI’s product currently holds an “Accredited” NCQA accreditation status for the Commercial PPO plan.

NCQA是一個致力於改善醫療保健品質的私人非營利機構。NCQA可以對範圍廣泛的醫療保健機構進行認證, 另外還可以對臨床醫師和醫療機構在關鍵領域的能力進行認證。NCQA致力於為消費者、購買者、醫療保健服務提供者以及研究人員提供醫療保健品質資訊。

Learn more about NCQA.