Date Issued


10/25/19 Infertility Coverage Expansion for HIP Medicaid and Commercial Members

10/18/19 Visual Electrophysiology Testing and Corneal Ring Segments for Keratoconus Policies

10/17/2019 Updates for Nutritional Counseling Services Medical Policy

10/15/2019 Gender Rules and ICD 10-CM F64.0

4/29/2019 Inpatient transfers between acute care hospitals/facilities

4/9/2019 Policy Enhancements for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies

3/12/2019 Surgical Pathology Policies

1/29/2019 Prior Authorization for Some Medications Changing in 2019

10/3/2018 Revision in Hepatitis C Prescriber Requirements

10/2/2018 Home Health Care Medicare Maximization Services: Audits Involving Medicare Demand Billing and Overpayments Involving Dual Eligible Recipients

7/5/2018 Restricted Breast Cancer Surgery Facilities for Medicaid Recipients

6/22/2018 The Importance of Accurate Taxonomy Codes

2/6/2018 Payment Reductions on Medicare Claims

1/11/2018 UPDATE: Empire BlueCross BlueShield to perform post-service claim review for City of New York members

11/9/2017 Empire BlueCross BlueShield to perform post-service claim review for City of New York members

11/3/2016 Important Information about Lidoderm/Lidocaine 5% Patch Requests

7/15/2016 EmblemHealth Preventive Care/Screening Services Coverage

5/17/2016 CMS has issued a new rule for Part D drugs

4/18/2016 Revised Reimbursement Methodology for Services to Medicare/Medicaid Dually Eligible Individuals

2/2/2016 Surprise Bills and Emergency Services Uniform Notice for Out of Network Providers

11/18/2015 2016 Medical Policy Revisions

5/29/2015 Revisions to the HIP Diagnostic Imaging Policy for Ultrasound

3/27/2015 Costs Connected with Cosmetic Surgery Are Not Covered

10/30/2014 New York State Delays PCRI Payments for October

10/7/2014 Testosterone Pellet Dosage

7/21/2014 Prompt Payment Guidelines

10/16/2013 EmblemHealth Qualified Provider Reimbursement Methodology Primary Care Reimbursement Incentive

9/4/2013 Important Information Cost Sharing for Medicare Part B Drugs in an Outpatient Setting

7/25/2013 Out-of-Network Provider Appeal Process for Denied Claims

7/17/2013 EmblemHealth Coverage for Nurse Practitioner Services

7/17/2013 EmblemHealth Coverage for Physician Assistant Services

3/11/2013 New HIP Outpatient Imaging Self-Referral Payment Policy

11/22/2012 Look Back Periods to Reconcile Overpayments

10/28/2010 Changes to the In-Office Testing List for CompreHealth, HIP and Vytra Plans

8/19/2010 Coverage Denied for Never Events

4/28/2010 Claims Review Software

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