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Date Issued Title
10/22/20 Claims Submission and Utilization Management for SOMOS Community Care
9/10/19 Incorrect Electronic Remittance Notice (ERA) for Non-Contracted Providers  
2/28/19 Claims Submission - Timely Filing
10/1/18 Claims Submission Changes for Radiologists Treating ACPNY Members
8/2/18 Health Home Billing Guide
8/3/17 Do Not Balance Bill Dual-Eligible Members
7/17/17 New Claims Submission Address for Behavioral Health
6/7/17 Trizetto: Our Preferred Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Source
4/3/17 Paper Claims and Patient Consent Forms Required for Hysterectomy and Sterilization Procedures for Medicaid Patients
3/15/17 The Right Contacts for Claims Submissions and Utilization Management
11/23/16 Submitting Claims with Gender/Procedure Conflict
5/24/16 Submitting Claims for Non-Credentialed Practitioner in a Group Arrangement or for a Non-Credentialed Substitute Practitioner
12/16/15 Submitting Corrected Paper Claims
5/22/15 EDI Transactions: What to Know to Make Them Work for You (Revised May 19, 2015)
1/26/15 Submitting Claims for Substitute Physicians
11/5/14 Submit PQRS Codes to CMS Directly – Not to EmblemHealth
6/12/13 Keep Billing Information Current
3/25/13 Submit Claims with Accurate Pay To Information
7/17/12 Submitting Electronic Claims With Member ID Numbers
6/19/12 EmblemHealth Consolidates Post Office Boxes for GHI HMO and EmblemHealth Medicare PPO
6/6/12 Billing for Noncovered Services
1/18/12 Submit Claims to New HealthCare Partners Address
1/1/12 Required Use of Occurrence Codes 40 and 41 for Presurgical and Preadmission Testing
10/1/10 How to Submit Medicare PPO Claims
1/1/10 Claim Tips
1/1/10 Claim Tips for Paper Submissions
9/11/09 Maternity Claims: Adjusted Procedures (For EmblemHealth, GHI and HIP Benefit Plans)
1/6/09 Avoiding Duplicate Claims Submissions (For EmblemHealth, GHI and HIP Benefit Plans)
1/1/09 Important Reminder: Referrals Required for Specialist Claims
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